People remember only 20% of what they hear and only 30% of what they see, but an incredible 70% of what they hear and see!
It's no surprise that online video has quickly become a "must have" marketing and communications tool for businesses of all kinds.
In late 2006 when the internet behemoth GOOGLE paid 1.6 Billion dollars for the video sharing website YOUTUBE, they made a massive investment backed up by the theory that video was going to play a huge part on the internet.
3 years later YOUTUBE, much like GOOGLE, is a household name.

For Sale

People are watching more and more online video. With our online video tours, we get your house out there for the masses to see it in its best light! Selling a home can be extremly difficult. Keeping the house clean and being ready to clear out with a moments notice can wear you down fast, and a worn down seller will almost always settle for a LOWER OFFER! When we list your house and post the video tour of your property, we make sure and give the best representation of your property that we can. That way when people see it online, they can decide if it really does make the cut. If it does, and they want to see it in person, when that phone rings and you’re asked to clear out of the house at dinner time, at least you know chances are HIGH that these buyers have not only already SEEN your property, but they are SERIOUS about SEEING it again. That makes the mad scramble to put away those dishes and get the house looking good a much more worthwhile endeavor! The MORE people that truly SEE your house, the better chance you have of selling it!

But chances are, if you’ve made it this far on our website, you get it! We
are on the same page and what a great page it is to be on! Head on over to the contact us page and give us a shout. We’ll be happy to set up a no obligation consultation to discuss your real estate situation.